“It’s So Clear” is a Christmas song that I wrote to describe how clear the Gospel can be once we understand what God has done for us. The events of Christmas is truly God’s plan to save man where He sent Jesus to be born, that Jesus would live with us and then die for us on that cross to save all of us! Of course, our response is important and we must accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior to be restored! Christmas is not just a Hallmark holiday, it is the day that God made a way for man to restore His relationship with God. Jesus would be our sacrifice on the cross where His blood covers our sin. Our sin nature separates us from a holy God and the penalty is death. This song is special to me because it reflects my understanding of how God clearly and dearly made a way for us to be righteous with God, have eternal life and become heirs to the kingdom inheritance, all out of grace!

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