There are Christian singers, and then, there are You God's Music, Christian Super Stars! It's not what you sound like, but it's your love for God, where your music moves us.

Auditions for the 2022 You, God’s Music Showcase are now OPEN!
To audition, just follow these 4 easy steps on how to submit your Christian music video!

Our mission is to promote up-and-coming Christian artists and encourage unity and joy among Christian groups through music.

When you become a member of You God’s Music™ community, you have the opportunity to be a participant of You God’s Music™ Showcase.

The Showcase winner will receive 80% cash of their total votes, 20% goes to the church or religious organization of your choice and we will pay for your airfare and hotel, if you make it to the finals. In addition, the winner will be awarded a Recording Artist Package!

You God’s Music™, a non-profit organization, has no paid employees. All proceeds of the Showcase will go to supporting the participants in the You God’s Music™  Showcase, Christian organizations of their choosing, non-for-profits that promote the common good of the Community (whose project is approved by the You God’s Music™ Board) and more You God’s Music initiatives, like this Showcase, per the rules and regulations of You God’s Music™.