Celebrating the power of music to bring unity and joy to Christians.

You God's Music™ Showcase voting has begun at 12am CST on 5/17/20, a minimum of 5 votes per Contestant and each vote is one dollar. We encourage you to invite your family, friends and community, to register and become part of the You God’s Music™ Community and vote for your favorite Contestant! Voting will take place until 5/30/20 at 11:59 pm CST. In this First Round, the Contestant’s score will depend solely on popular vote and the top 25 Contestants, will move on.


Our mission is to promote up-and-coming Christian artists and encourage unity and joy among Christian groups through music.

When you become a member of You God’s Music™ community, you have the opportunity to be a participant of You God’s Music™ Showcase.

You God’s Music™, a non-profit organization, has no paid employees. All proceeds of the Showcase will go to supporting the participants in the You God’s Music™  Showcase, Christian organizations of their choosing, non-for-profits that promote the common good of the Community (whose project is approved by the You God’s Music™ Board) and more You God’s Music initiatives, like this Showcase, per the rules and regulations of You God’s Music™.

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You God’s Music™ Community is a place where Christian artists are welcome to post, showcase and share their music projects.

Members can learn from each other and build valuable relationships while promoting their music.

The Gift

Your talent is God’s gift to you.
What you do with it is your gift back to God.


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