About Us

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Our Mission & Vision

Our purpose is to unite individuals and communities through the power of God’s given musical talent.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, whose mission is to create a place of unity and joy through the power of music and the promotion of Christian talent. Members of the community can learn from each other and build valuable relationships with other members.

You, God’s Music™ believes in the power of selfless love!

You, God’s Music™ is an instrument to bring people together in harmony, unity, and joy.

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Showcase Initiatives

You, God’s Music™ organizes various initiatives, including a Christian music showcase, to promote Christian music and support Christian artists and musicians whose talents are invested in praising God.


You, God’s Music’s™ voting system has been created and designed to financially support the best artists. Proceeds are divided among Christian artists, religious organizations that sponsor these artists, other organizations that promote the common good of the local community, and future You, God’s Music™ endeavors ― all with the purpose of growing and promoting unity and joy through music.