About You, God’s Music™


You, God's Music™ (YGM) is a non-for-profit corporation, in accordance with the Texas State and Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended and the Treasury Regulations issued and promulgated thereunder.

YGM operates charitable and educational activities for the promotion of Christian Worship and Prayer through music. Among many initiatives related to Christian music, YGM promotes musical talent among church members and Christian institutions, and events of the like, by means of a regular public competition.

The purpose of YGM, is to foster intra-Christian unity, Christian worship and evangelization in a welcoming forum to Christian singers of all ages. With its revenue, YGM financially supports other organizations and projects that per its Board, seem to be the best fit to promote the dignity of the human person and the common good.


 "Inspiring Music"

In its double connotation:

    • YGM promotes a type of music that inspires both the artists and the listeners to live out the Gospel values.
    • YGM also promotes an environment that allows high quality music to develop among the artist, especially the young ones who have not had an opportunity to showcase one's own talent.


You, God's Music will become the internationally recognized organization in the promotion of Christian music, Christian unity and the promotion of initiatives pursuant of the common good.


Unity: Unity is the proper order in the parts. It is the harmony of relationships among individuals and among the means individuals use to interact. We believe that religion, far from being a divisive factor, it is a means of unity among men, inasmuch as they identify each other with the same needs of transcendental longing for eternal life, faithful love, and never ending happiness.


Joy is the fruit of unity. It is the fruit of the Holy Spirit in the souls of those who participate.


    1. We believe in the dignity of the human person and that each person is the author of creativeness.
    2. The individual is the owner of its future.
    3. The individual has been endowed with talents and gifts in order to fulfill his purpose.
    4. We understand that the ultimate gift of man and what gives purpose to his/her life is by giving.
    5. The greatest gift that one can offer to others is of oneself.


The Board Members are composed of prominent Christians who provide religious guidance in accordance with You, God's Music mission statement. The Board meets regularly with volunteers to review religious standards and criteria.

Laura Gates

Cesar Camacho

William Sommers

Tony Ridout

Zach Gates

Chris Traugott

 Karl Kevilus

Jessica Rucker

Clyde Rucker

Thomas Pacheco

 Tom Snyder

Richard Menchaca

Ken Zammit


Rodolfo Caballero