We are looking forward to the Showcase Finals July 25th!

The You God’s Music Showcase winner will receive a Recording Artist’s Package!Here’s the list of gifts, we will award the winner: WorshipNow Publishing Sponsor will present the following:- Facilitate the song approval process for liturgical use in the Church.- Transcription and engraving of sheet music for piano, guitar and vocals.- Publishing contract for the sheet music and recording, produced by NOVUM RECORDS.- Promotion of Song to WorshipNOW customers and followers. Novum Records Sponsor will award a $3,000 package to the Showcase Winner:- An authentic and high-quality original single, mixed and mastered.- A video package with a song story interview and acoustic performance. One professional photo session with a digital media package. A consultation with an Attorney at the Langley & Banack, for Copyright Registration Application for a song and to review a live performance contract. Hair and Beauty makeover by an amazing beauty professional. $500 Southwest Airlines gift travel card. The Showcase winner will be awarded 80% of their total Finals&; cash votes and 20% will be gifted to the winner’s church or Religious organization.✝️We are looking forward to the Showcase Finals July 25th!