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  • Testimonial by Leah Weber

    Just a little about my testimony and how my faith in Jesus has brought me through some very difficult times in my life! Through it all I’ve learned to trust in Jesus! His love is so amazing and because of his grace I’m able to share my music and testimony! All the Glory goes to God I am so thankful

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  • "Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone" by Leah Weber

    This song is about the wonderful grace that God gives, that we are so undeserving of, but he loves us so much he’s a God that rescues and saves!! Everytime I hear this song it blesses me and I hope and pray it will bless you!

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  • "Shout to the Lord" by Leah Weber

    This song reminds me that Jesus made a promise when he went to calvery times when I’ve felt discouraged he gave comfort and strength he deserves all our praise! We have victory through him and with every breath I breathe I will praise him! Jesus love is a love that can never be forgotten or replaced with anything in this world cause without him we are nothing but through him his promise will prevail! All the glory goes to our precious savior!

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  • Weapon

    Weapon is such a powerful song, in 2016 I was diagnosed with cancer this was my song, His presence was my greatest weapon. Without His presence, I wouldn’t have been able to fight through the toughest time of my life; so this song is very special to me and I’ve been singing praises every since.

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