Sunday Morning is a song of hope. This is the song that will echo throughout the ages. I wrote this song coming out of the lenten season during the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything was uneasy and there were so many things that caused tension floating in the air. I remember having the thought “This reminds me of exodus.” Just like a light, God sent five songs to me, all relating to stories of the Bible that paralleled our experience in the pandemic. Sunday Morning is the closing song of the story. It is the first Easter and the first Sunday that Jesus rose from the dead. There was new life and a new fire in the hearts of man. Jesus breathed life in us again and we were ready and willing to answer the call. This is that celebration song that we will all be singing until we see Jesus face to face. I pray this song touches your heart the same way it touches mine. There is hope, when Sunday Morning comes.


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