This song has a very special meaning to me. I have grown up my whole life without my father being a part of it which has greatly affected me. Even though I am a Christian and a Music Performer I am constantly having to smile and pretend that everything is always ok. Sometimes I just cry alone in my room and cry out to God. Sometimes I just cry on the inside and pretend I’m ok on the outside. He has really helped heal me from all my pain, anger and hurt. I have always had to watch kids at school being picked up by their dads or getting to go to the daddy daughter days when I had to sit home and wonder what did I do wrong that my dad never wanted anything to do with me. It hurt me a lot but I have learned during my life that I have a God who is my Father who will never leave or forsake me. He will always be by my side and for that I am grateful. I am an overcomer. I have pushed through and now I am an ambassador for the state of Kentucky. I am on the honor roll at my high school. I am very active in my church. I want all kids to know that even though we cry on the inside we can survive on the outside. I hope you enjoy this. Mikaya Taylor.

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