My sister and I are standing around my piano singing an original song titled “KNEEL”.
I chose this song because there are so many people hurting today. People are broken: spiritually, mentally, physically, financially stressed beyond coping. I remember reaching that point during the 7 years we provided in-home care for our parents before their deaths. Then while still grieving and trying to cope with our own health and financial problems, I was faced with the terminal illness of my only brother. We had been to visit him that night and he was so discouraged at being paralyzed, having to depend on others for everything. I woke up around 4:15 am, praying and crying over the thought of having to say goodbye to another loved one, when I actually heard myself crying aloud, asking God how much can we bear? My mind immediately flashed back to a sign I had seen years earlier at a church that read, “When life gives you more than you can bear, kneel”. God flooded my soul with peace as these lyrics poured into my mind. I went back a few days later, sang this song to my brother and told him his struggle had inspired me. Singing it brought comfort to our family then and I hope that, no matter what you are going through, these words bless and help you today.

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