The last day my wife and I had with my son on this earth was on the White River in Arkansas. We found out shortly later that he had left this world to go live in paradise. Weeks after he went home to Heaven, the symbolism of the name of the “White River” kept coming into my head. I knew my son was too perfect for this world, and the symbolism of the name of the “White” river makes me think of how pure and clean his spirit is. Just like the symbolism of wearing white when we receive our sacraments. My hope is instilled in the fact that God will one day lead my wife and I home too. That one day we will join the Holy family and be with our son again. Until that day, I try and lead my life to make God and my son proud. This song is about how much my son brings me closer to God, and how one day that I will follow him to Heaven. St. Gerard Mora III, pray for us.

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