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  • "Advent Hymn (Watching, Waiting, Longing)" by Rick Lee James

    Advent Hymn (Watching Waiting Longing)
    Verse 1
    Heaven sent a child to save us light for all to see
    Helpless baby mighty Savior holy mystery
    Unto us a son is given born in Bethlehem
    Lamb of God the Light of nations God in flesh became

    Chorus 1
    Watching waiting longing for the day
    When His people would glorify
    The Name above all names

    Verse 2
    For the joy that lay before Him chose our agony
    Jesus bore the wrath of Calv'ry
    Washing sinners clean
    Our Messiah Christ our brother word of God in flesh
    Loosed the chains that held us captive
    Broke the bonds of death

    Verse 3
    So we wait with expectation for His Advent here
    Bride of Christ His word proclaimed
    For all the world to hear
    He will come in clouds descending
    At the trumpet sound
    In the light of Christ our Savior
    Ev'ry knee will bow

    Chorus 2
    Born in a manger dying on a tree
    Rising Easter morning to set His people free
    We're watching waiting longing for the day
    When all nations will glorify
    The Name above all names

    CCLI Song # 6152291

    Rick Lee James | Ted Rastatter

    © 2011 Broadman Press (Admin. by Music Services, Inc.)
    McKinney Music, Inc. (Admin. by Music Services, Inc.)

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  • Love Our Enemies

    Rick Lee James - Love Our Enemies - Official Music Video

    Video Band:
    Drums - Brandon Sipes
    Electric Guitar – Jim Britton
    Keys – Jill Acuff
    Bass and bgvs – Jacob Blouse

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