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  • "Hope" by Band of Outsiders

    "I wrote this song last year during quarantine when it felt like the whole world was literally falling apart. I laid in my bed one night to go to sleep and immediately the tune and most of the words came to my mind and I wrote most of it that night and finished it the next day. Hope is one of the main things I want to bring to people with my songs because it is one of the main things that we all need everyday but especially this past year. So I pray this can be a fun, foot stomping, clap your hands kind of song that reminds you to never lose hope no matter what your circumstance may be!”

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  • Something Beautiful

    This is a song from my favorite band, Needtobreathe. It's basically a prayer to God from me because I do want to be consumed by Him and have the full life that comes through Him that will in turn shine through to the people around me.

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